In a moment suspended in time we share a journey through our past, present and future. The knowledge of who we are is lost, yet our instinctual consciousness has the power to recall it. The traces of our ancestors unfold stories that make us witness the birth of many cycles, they are a unison voice that whispers of origins and ends, appearing disguised as dust and rubble or a cold moist soil. Are we able to recognise strength in unexpected places? Selva is a densely packed jungle grown out of the path women have been treading for the past 100 years of our society.


Concept & Performance: Rosana Ribeiro

in collaboration with

Devising performer: Melissa Ugolini

Composer & Sound Designer: Peter Kastner

Costume Designer: Sara Chéu

Lighting Designer: Nuno Meira

with the special support of Land Salzburg and Szene Salzburg

Creation Support: OPART, E.P.E./Estúdios Vítor Cordon, Centro Nacional de Cultura, Toihaus Theater, tanz_house

Thank you to Daniel Rico, Verena Pircher, Marine Besnard, Laura Baruch & Aram Zarikian

Photos by: Bernhard Müller