Plastisphere is the term used for the ecosystem that sprang to life in the Pacific Ocean when the accumulation of plastic there grew to the size of a continent. These mysterious organisms that are a crossbreed between microbes and plastic particles have a movement of their own. With this concept, the performers make their way through a dark landscape, wading and swimming in plastic. A place where the air you breathe is garbage and all you can see is garbage. Plastisphere reflects on how this landscape was built around us and on how we move through natural and artificial textures alike.


Concept: Rosana Ribeiro

Performance: Sara Chéu, Rui Peixoto, Ângelo Cid Neto

Sound: Daniel Rico, Nick Linnik

External Eye: Marine Besnard

Dramaturgy: Luisa Amorim

Supported by The Place, Lisbon Busking Festival

Length: 25’


Rui Peixoto sits on a plastic chair, in plastic sunglasses, by a plastic parasol. Angelo Cid Neto emerges like a lost sea creature from a drift of plastic bags. Sara Cheu sings 'I’m gonna live forever' – and you realise she’s referring to the plastic. She scrunches the bags beneath her clothes, like so much silicone, and musicians Nikolai Linnik and Daniel Rico pump the stage with reverb guitar. (...) the dystopian quality of nightmare – material worth saving for re-use or recycling.

Sanjoy Roy

Photos by: Robin Rothero